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Staff at the Centre for Studies in Urban Sustainability

Professor Anthony Walker,
Chair Professor of Real Estate and Construction Department, HKU, since 1985, and Honorary Professor at Tonji University, Shanghai from 1991. Having been awarded the Pacific Rim Real Estate Society Achievement Award in 1997 for contributions to real estate education and research, Anthony has continued in-depth research resulting in many publications. He has been a member of the Hong Kong Town Planning Board since 1991, and Vice-Chairman of the Metro Committee since 1996.
Dr Steve Rowlinson,
BSc Nott; MSc Lond; PhD Brunel; DIC; CEng; MICE; MHKIE, has been a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Real Estate and Construction, HKU since 1991. During his academic career he has produced numerous research papers. Recent research has centred around the concept of ‘Lean Construction’ and the importance of IT in the construction process.
Dr Lawrence Lai
BsocSc, MsocSc, PhD HK; LLB Lond; MTCP Syd; MRAPI; MHKIP; MCIT; RPP, is a Registered Professional Planner in Hong Kong and Associate Professor at the Department of Real Estate and Construction. His research focus is on real estate, planning theory, planning law and environmentalism as informed by transaction cost analysis. Before joining the University of Hong Kong, he worked in the Hong Kong Government as a Town Planner and as an Environmental Protection officer. He also has experience as a planning consultant and Specialist Advisor to the Planning Department for the Territorial Development Strategy and the North-western New Territories Development Strategy Review. He has a keen interest in both the biodiversity and institutional economics aspects of sustainable development and has published extensively in planning and economic journals.
Dr Thomas Kvan,
MA Cantab; MArch Calif, PhD, is Dean of the Faculty of Architecture and carries out research in the areas of distal collaborative design and digital modelling of design. He was made President of the Hong Kong Chapter of the International Facility Management Association in 1997 and has developed software for building asset management.
Stephen Lau,
BArch HK; MSc Lond; RIBA; HKIA; FHKIOA, currently teaches architectural design and environmental controls. He is in charge of the Research Centre of Architecture and Urban design for China and Hong Kong at HKU. His research interest is in the study of the interphase of architecture, environment, technology and society. Stephen is the initiator of the international Megacities Conference to be held in February 2000 in Hong Kong.
Dr Anthony Yeh,
A.G.O, BA HK; MSc AIT; MRP, PhD Syracuse; MCIT; FRAPI; FRTPI; FHKIP; RPP (Professor), is the Assistant Director of the Centre of Urban Planning and Environmental Management and Director of the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Research Centre at the University. He specialises in urban development and redevelopment in Hong Kong, China and S.E. Asia and the use of GIS in urban and regional planning. He has strong links with Asian and Chinese Universities and is on the board of several international journals. Current research concerns the application of GIS in the planning for sustainable development; economic restructuring in Hong Kong; and the impacts of land and economic reforms on urban development and planning in China.
Dr William Barron,
BA La Salle Coll; MA S Ill; MEd S Carolina State; PhD Johns
Hopkins, moved to Hong Kong from the States in 1989 and has continued his research related to energy issues. Coming from the position of energy advisor to the U.S. Agency for International Development in Washington he has been involved in environment and energy assessments in Hong Kong and elsewhere in Asia. He is lead author of the 1998 textbook, ‘Fundamentals of Economics in Environmental Managers.’ He has also worked in the Hainan and Yunnan Provinces of China on energy and environmental planning assessments.
Professor Peter Hills,
BA Lond; MA York; PhD Aston; MCIT; HonMHKIP,  serves on the
Hong Kong Government’s Advisory Council for the Environment, the Energy Advisory Committee, the Environmental Campaign Committee and the Town Planning and Air Pollution Appeal Boards. He has also been a consultant many offices including the UN Development Programme, UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific, Asian Development Bank.
Dr Mee-Kam Ng,
BA, MSc (Urban Planning) HK; PhD Calif; MRTPI; MHKIP, has worked in CUPEM since 1992. She was an administrative officer in the Government before she won the Sir Edward Youde Memorial Fund Fellowship for her PhD studies in the States. Her research focuses on urban and regional development and planning mechanisms, sustainability and planning for equity issues in Pacific Asia.



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