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Future events

Megacities 2000  – A Response to World Crisis
February 8/10, 2000, University of Hong Kong

Is the trend for continuing world-wide urbanisation sustainable? What price are future generations going to pay for this growth?  

By 2015 it is forecast that there will be 27 Megacities with a population of 10 million or more.  Seventeen Megacities will be in Asia.

Organised by the Centre of Architecture and Urban Design for China and Hong Kong, University of Hong Kong, this conference looks at the issues and problems of Megacity growth.  

Highlighting challenges facing the urban environment in the new millennium, participants from China, Japan and Brazil will focus on issues of sustainability research from a ‘Megacity’ perspective.   Academics and professionals from Hong Kong, Tokyo, Shanghai and Sao Paulo will discuss new developments in sustainable research and technology.

Hong Kong. Faces the challenges of the future using previous experience of balancing a high rise/high density living area with open recreational land.

Tokyo. The Hyper Tower project – advanced engineering, design and planning working to produce a one km sky high, city project.

Shanghai. Learning to control and combine ultra rapid city development with the preservation of precious heritage and environment.

Sao Paulo. One of the world’s most densely populated cities. Examining the land and people issues as it continues to grow towards the status of a Megacity. How can new technologies help Sao Paulo survive further development?

Further details contact: Mr Stephen Lau, Department of Architecture, University of Hong Kong. 

Email : ssylau@hkucc.hku.hk

More information can be found at http://arch.hku.hk/events/megacities2000

Cities in Transition Conference
November 8/9, 1999
Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

This conference is jointly organised by the Centre of Urban Planning and Environmental Management, Hong Kong University, and Hong Kong Institute of Planners.

Speakers from major Asian cities, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Taipei will be invited and will share their visions of city development in the next 20 years.

Professor Mike Douglass (Chair, Department of Urban and Regional Planning, University of Hawaii) and other members of the SAR Government will give keynote speeches to the Conference.

Major topics to be explored include :

  • transboundary urban development
  • global challenges and local responses
  • sustainable development
  • integrated policy making
  • quality of life and community empowerment.
  • For further details please contact : Mee-Kam Ng, Centre of Urban Planning and Environmental Management.

    Email:  meekng@hkucc.hku.hk 

    CSUS Conference – late 2000

    CSUS plans to mark the importance of Urban Sustainability in the new millennium with a major international conference. Planned for late 2000, it is expected to attract a wide range of experts, academics and practitioners to Hong Kong.

    Sustainable development - Seminar Series for Academics and Policy makers
    University of Hong Kong
    Earlier this year, a series of research seminars covering
    planning and sustainability issues where held at the University of Hong Kong. Aimed at both academics and policy makers within
    Hong Kong, the seminars provided an arena for practising researchers and academics from CUPEM to promote their work and research issues.


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