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Asia GIS is a biannual conference organized by the Asia Geographic Information System Association (AGISA) for GIS academics and professionals in the Asia-Pacific region. Since 1994, it provided a multidisciplinary network and forum for people involved in GIS teaching, research, development and applications to interact with each other and exchange ideas, information and achievement on the latest advancements/issues in the rapidly changing technology.

The conference is expected to promote the use of GIS and facilitate the transfer of knowledge and technology between the practitioners and researchers based on the research and development that has been achieved in the Asian countries. This would improve and enhance the collaboration and cooperation between the intellectuals, professionals and government bodies in achieving a common vision towards knowledge sharing of GIS across disciplines.

The main theme of the 10th Asia GIS Conference is “Future Smart Cities”. Please indicate on your abstract the most appropriate topic from the list below. In addition to the suggested topics listed below, we also encourage submissions on researches and applications of the new technologies that you may want to share in the conference.