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The “Hong Kong Tram Trail – Traces of Hong Kong's Urban Development” APP was designed and developed by Professor Anthony Yeh, The University of Hong Kong's Department of Urban Planning and Design, Centre of Urban Studies and Urban Planning, and his research team:
Miss Yubing Chen
Mr Tian Lan
Mr Ken Faat Keung Lo
Mr Zhixin Qi
Miss Cheryl Tse
Mr Nathan Tseng
Miss Cheryl Yeung
Mr Xiaohu Zhang
Dr Xiaoling Zhang

We would also like to gratefully acknowledge the support of:

Honorary Advisor:
Dr Joseph Sun Pao Ting

Hong Kong Tramways, Limited

The University of Hong Kong
Development & Alumni Affairs Office
University Museum and Art Gallery
Journalism and Media Studies Centre
Miss Natalie Ling Deng

Voice-over artist:
Ms Jenny Lee

Visual courtesy of:
“Early Hong Kong Tramways” (Mr Po Hung Cheng)
“Hong Kong Tramways” (Mr David Young, Mr Ricky Poon, Ms Ella Tam)
“Old Tram Map” (The National Archives, London, England)

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