Data currently kept by the HKU GIS Research Centre
GIS data are being maintained and stored in a data server (SMPSERVE) of the HKU Information Technology Services (ITS). Staff and students who wish to access this data server should apply for a user account, and the application form can be downloaded from For details, please visit the website of the ITS at
Data Content
The data include: the 1:20000 digital maps, 1:1000 digital maps, LANDSAT TM data, and XS SPOT.
Data Sample
Before actually using the data, here allows you to have a glimpse of the data sample:
Sample of 1:20,000 maps: (
t11 --- Central HK )
Sample of 1: 1,000 maps : (
b7-se-21c --- Rural Area )
b11-nw-14d --- Urban Area )

Major Data Sources in Hong Kong