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Publications by Asian Researchers in 2006

Journal Total number of published papers Number of papers that contain (co)author(s) from Asia 1st Author Occurrence 2nd Author Occurrence 3rd Author Occurrence 4th Author Occurrence 5th Author Occurrence Total occurrence of (co)author(s) from Asia
Computers and Geosciences 161 37 36 28 15 7 3 89
Computers and Geotechnics 37 19 18 13 8 6 2 47
Environmental Modelling and Software 143 13 11 8 7 5 2 36
Geographical Analysis 23 3 2 3 1 0 0 6
Geoinformatica 21 4 4 4 4 2 0 14
International Journal of GIS 57 10 10 9 3 2 1 25


Computers and Geosciences

Volume Issue Paper title Author(s)
32 10 Study of stress waves in geomedia and effect of a soil cover layer on wave attenuation using a 1-D finite-difference method Zhi-liang Wang Yong-chi Li and J.G. Wang
32 10 Data reduction in scalar airborne gravimetry: Theory, software and case study in Taiwan Cheinway Hwang Yu-Shen Hsiao and Hsuan-Chang Shih
32 10 An approach for spherical harmonic analysis of non-smooth data Hansheng Wang Patrick Wu and Zhiyong Wang
32 10 A C++ program for retrieving land surface temperature from the data of Landsat TM/ETM+ band6 Jinqu Zhang, Yunpeng Wang and Yan Li
32 10 VLFPROSA Matlab code for processing of VLF-EM data N. Sundararajan, V. Ramesh Babu, N. Shiva Prasad and Y. Srinivas
32 9 Estimating coordinates of a 2D-point from multiple observations Wenbao Liu and Wanhong Yang
32 8 Enhanced NURBS modeling and visualization for large 3D geoengineering applications: An example from the Jinping first-level hydropower engineering project, China Deng-Hua Zhong, Ming-Chao Li, Ling-Guang Song and Gang Wang
32 9 A combined approach for estimating vegetation cover in urban/suburban environments from remotely sensed data Chen Yunhao, Shi Peijun, Li Xiaobing, Chen Jin and Li Jing
32 9 Mathematical modeling of talus development Hiroyuki Obanawa and Yukinori Matsukura
32 9 EMOD2Da program in C++ for finite difference modelling of magnetotelluric TM mode responses over 2D earth K. Prabhakar Rao and G. Ashok Babu
32 8 Statistical and geostatistical analysis of rainfall in central Japan Tetsuya Shoji and Hisashi Kitaura
32 8 Statistical and geostatistical analysis of wind: A case study of direction statistics Tetsuya Shojia
32 8 An empirical evaluation of spatial regression models Xiaolu Gao, Yasushi Asami and Chang-Jo F. Chung
32 8 An inverse analysis of unobserved trigger factor for slope stability evaluation Hirohito Kojimaand Shigeyuki Obayashib
32 8 Spatial correlation structures of fracture systems for deriving a scaling law and modeling fracture distributions Katsuaki Koike and Yuichi Ichikawa
32 8 Examining the impact of the precision of address geocoding on estimated density of crime locations Yutaka Harada and Takahito Shimada
32 8 GIS modeling for predicting river runoff volume in ungauged drainages in the Greater Toronto Area, Canada Qiuming Cheng, Connie Koa, Yinhuan Yuana, Yong Gea and Shengyuan Zhang
32 8 Optimal systems of geoscience surveyingCA preliminary discussion Tetsuya Shoji
32 8 Parallel implementation of a velocity-stress staggered-grid finite-difference method for 2-D poroelastic wave propagation Dong-Hoon Sheen, Kagan Tuncaya, Chang-Eob Baagb, and Peter J. Ortolevaa
32 8 Improved resolution of the multiple inverse method by eliminating erroneous solutions Makoto Otsubo and Atsushi Yamaji
32 6 Three-dimensional forward and inverse models for gravity fields based on the Fast Fourier Transform Young Hong Shin, , Kwang Sun Choic, and Houze Xud
32 6 Earth Science Digital Museum (ESDM): Toward a new paradigm for museums Shaochun Dong , Shijin Xu and Gangshan Wu
32 5 An efficient depression processing algorithm for hydrologic analysis Qing Zhu, Yixiang Tian, and Jie Zhao
32 5 Analysis of factors influencing the solution of the consolidation problem by using an element-free Galerkin method Zhi-Liang Wang, and Yong-Chi Li
32 5 VisualAnomaly: A GIS-based multifractal method for geochemical and geophysical anomaly separation in Walsh domain Qingmou Li and Qiuming Cheng
32 4 Computer simulation of landslides by the contact element method Jiang Xiaoyu, Qiao Jianping, Wang Chenghua and Zhao Yu
32 4 Spherical harmonic analysis and synthesis using FFT: Application to temporal gravity variation Cheinway Hwang, and Yu-Chi Kao
32 4 Positional error modeling for line simplification based on automatic shape similarity analysis in GIS Chui Kwan Cheung and Wenzhong Shi
32 4 A TSAR model for daily evapotranspiration at broad spatial scales: A case study in Northern China Yunhao Chen , Xiaobing Li and Jing Li
32 4 A committee machine with empirical formulas for permeability prediction Chang-Hsu Chen, and Zsay-Shing Lina
32 4 The spacing calculator softwareA Visual Basic program to calculate spatial properties of lineaments Thushan C. Ekneligoda, and Herbert Henkela
32 4 GeoPlot: An Excel VBA program for geochemical data plotting Jibin Zhou and Xianhua Li
32 2 Remote sensing data change detection based on the CI test of Bayesian networks Dai Qin, Ma Jianwen and Ou Yang Yun
32 2 A window-based inquiry system for design discharge based on geomorphic runoff modeling Kwan Tun Lee, Yi-Ru Chung, Chi-Chung Lau, Chung-Chieh Meng and Shen Chiang
32 2 Nonlinear inversion of potential-field data using a hybrid-encoding genetic algorithm Chao Chen, Jianghai Xia, Jiangping Liu and Guangding Feng
32 2 A note on the dipole coordinates Akira Kageyama, Tooru Sugiyama, Kunihiko Watanabe and Tetsuya Sato
32 1 Bayesian network classifiers for mineral potential mapping Alok Porwal,E.J.M. Carranzaa and M. Halea

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Computers and Geotechnics

Volume Issue Paper title Author(s)
33 8 Fluctuation responses of saturated porous media subjected to cyclic thermal loading Bing Bai
33 8 Dynamic response of a pile embedded in a porous medium subjected to plane SH waves Jian-Fei Lu, Dong-Sheng Jeng and Wei-Dong Nie
33 8 Propagation of non-stationary random waves in viscoelastic stratified solids Q. Gao, J.H. Lin, W.X. Zhong and F.W. Williams
33 6-7 Low-strain integrity testing of drilled piles with high slenderness ratio Sheng-Huoo Ni, Lutz Lehmann, Jenq-Jy Charng and Kuo-Feng Lo
33 6-7 Charts for estimating strength parameters from slips in homogeneous slopes Jing-Cai Jiang and Takuo Yamagam
33 6-7 Using zero-thickness elements to simulate suspended cut-off walls in a regional seepage field Guan-Yang Luo and Cao Hong
33 6-7 Numerical simulation of frost heave with coupled water freezing, temperature and stress fields in tunnel excavation Ping Yang , Jie-ming Ke, J.G. Wang, Y.K. Chow and Fen-bin Zhu
33 6-7 Nonlinear three-dimensional analysis of pile group supported columns considering pile cap flexibility Jinoh Won, Sang-Yong Ahn, Sangseom Jeong , Jinhyung Lee and Seo-Yong Jang
33 4-5 Working mechanism of cutoff walls in reducing uplift of large underground structures induced by soil liquefaction Huabei Liu and Erxiang Song
33 4-5 Image analysis measurement of soil particle movement during a soilCstructure interface test Ga Zhang, Dongfang Liang and Jian-Min Zhang
33 4-5 Geographical information system-based computational implementation and application of spatial three-dimensional slope stability analysis Mowen Xie, Tetsuro Esaki, Cheng Qiu and Chunxiang Wang
33 3 Three-dimensional elasto-plastic analysis via the boundary element method Trevor G. Davies and Xiao-Wei Gao
33 3 Time-dependent response of circular plate in multi-layered poroelastic medium Teerapong Senjuntichai and Yasothorn Sapsathiarn
33 3 Microplane modeling of sand behavior under non-proportional loading Kuang-Tsung Chang and Stein Sture
33 3 On two definitions of the factor of safety commonly used in the finite element slope stability analysis Hong Zheng L.G. Tham and Defu Liu
33 3 Prediction of unconfined compressive strength of soft grounds using computational intelligence techniques: A comparative study B.S. Narendra, P.V. Sivapullaiah , S. Suresh and S.N. Omkar
33 2 Three-dimensional behaviour of a reinforced earth-retaining structure within a valley Chia-Cheng Fan
33 2 Influence of vertical load on the lateral response of piles in sand S. Karthigeyan, V.V.G.S.T. Ramakrishna and K. Rajagopal
33 2 Attenuation effect of artificial cavity on air-blast waves in an intelligent defense layer Zhi-liang Wang, J.G. Wang, Yong-chi Li and C.F. Leung

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Environmental Modelling and Software

Volume Issue Paper title Author(s)
21 8 Integrating legacy components into a software system for storm sewer simulation Shiu-Shin Lin, Shang-Hsien Hsieh, Jan-Tai Kuo, Ying-Po Liao and Yen-Chang Chen
21 7 Simulation of soil erosion and nutrient impact using an integrated system dynamics model in a watershed in Taiwan Shin-Cheng Yeh, Chao-An Wang and Hui-Ching Yu
21 7 Evaluation of annualized agricultural nonpoint source model for a watershed in the Siwalik Hills of Nepal S. Shrestha, Mukand S. Babel , A. Das Gupta and F. Kazama
21 7 An integrated water resource management tool for the Himalayan region H.G. Rees, M.G.R. Holmes, M.J. Fry, A.R. Young, D.G. Pitson and S.R. Kansakar
21 6 Simulation of sulfur transport and transformation in East Asia with a comprehensive chemical transport model Meigen Zhang, Yifen Pu, Renjian Zhang and Zhiwei Han
21 6 Intelligent control aeration and external carbon addition for improving nitrogen removal M. Yong, P. Yong-zhen, W. Xiao-lian and W. Shu-ying
21 6 Eutrophication modelling of reservoirs in Taiwan Jan-Tai Kuo, Wu-Seng Lung, Chou-Ping Yang, Wen-Cheng Liu, Ming-Der Yang and Tai-Shan Tang
21 5 Three-dimensional model for multi-component reactive transport with variable density groundwater flow X. Mao H. Prommer, D.A. Barry, C.D. Langevin, B. Panteleit and L. Li
21 5 STAO: a component architecture for raster and time series modeling A. Jagadeesh Babu, D. Thirumalaivasan and K. Venugopal
21 2 Estimation of primary production in the ocean using a physicalCbiological coupled ocean carbon cycle model Kisaburo Nakata and Toshimasa Doi
21 2 Model study of environmental concentrations of TBT in Tokyo Bay C development of a Windows? version prototype Fumio Horiguchi, Joji Yamamoto and Kisaburo Nakata
21 2 A CFD solution of oil spill problems Pavel Tkalich
21 2 A hybrid approach to particle tracking and EulerianCLagrangian models in the simulation of coastal dispersion Seung-Won Suh

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Geographical Analysis

Volume Issue Paper title Author(s)
38 3 Exploring a Relationship Between Aggregate and Individual Levels Spatial Data Through Semivariogram Models Gandhi Pawita David G. Steel
38 1 GeoDa: An Introduction to Spatial Data Analysis Luc Anselin, Ibnu Syabri, Youngihn Kho
38 1 SANET: A Toolbox for Spatial Analysis on a Network Atsuyuki Okabe, Kei-ichi Okunuki, Shino Shiode

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Volume Issue Paper title Author(s)
10 4 Indexing Fast Moving Objects for kNN Queries Based on Nearest Landmarks Dan Lin, Rui Zhang and Aoying Zhou
10 3 Spatial Query Estimation without the Local Uniformity Assumption Yufei Tao, Christos Faloutsos and Dimitris Papadias
10 3 A New Method for Feature Mining in Remotely Sensed Images Yee Leung, Jian-Cheng Luo, Jiang-Hong Ma and Dong-Ping Ming
10 2 A Quantitative Description Model for Direction Relations Based on Direction Groups Haowen Yan, Yandong Chu, Zhilin Li and Renzhong Guo

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International Journal of GIS

Volume Issue Paper title Author(s)
20 10 An extended cellular automaton using case-based reasoning for simulating urban development in a large complex region Xia Li; Xiaoping Liu
20 10 Terrain complexity and uncertainties in grid-based digital terrain analysis Qiming Zhou; Xuejun Liu; Yizhong Sun
20 10 Accuracy of quantized Voronoi diagrams Yukio Sadahiro; Takashi Tominaga
20 8 Computing the fuzzy topological relations of spatial objects based on induced fuzzy topology Kimfung Liu; Wenzhong Shi
20 6 Methods for detecting apparent differences between spatial tessellations at different time points Masuyama, Atsushi
20 4 XML Web Service©\based development model for Internet GIS applications Chang, Yoon©\Seop;?Park, Hyeong©\Dong
20 3 3D simulation of soft geo©\objects Shen, D. Y.;Takara, K.;Tachikawa, Y.;Liu, Y. L.
20 3 Indexing network©\constrained trajectories for connectivity©\based queries Li, Xiang;Lin, Hui
20 2 A new approach to the nearest©\neighbour method to discover cluster features in overlaid spatial point processes Pei, Tao;Zhu, A©\Xing;Zhou, Chenghu;Li, Baolin;Qin, Chengzhi
20 1 A hybrid interpolation method for the refinement of a regular grid digital elevation model Shi, W. Z.;Tian, Y.

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