Welcome to the Centre of Urban Studies and Urban Planning (CUSUP)

Following the reorganization of the Centre of Urban Planning and Environmental Management (CUPEM) on 1 July 2008, the Department of Urban Planning and Design (DUPAD) was established in the Faculty of Architecture to continue the teaching of urban planning and related areas in housing management and transport. The Centre of Urban Studies and Urban Planning (CUSUP), which was established 28 years ago in 1980 and renamed as CUPEM in 1991, was re-established to continue interdisciplinary research in urban studies and planning.

The main function of CUSUP is to foster interdisciplinary research in urban studies and planning in the University of Hong Kong. It aims to act as a focus for interdisciplinary research and offer a forum for academics, practitioners and the community to exchange views on urban studies and urban planning; to undertake contract research for both the public and private sectors; to organize seminars, conferences, and workshops; to publish working papers and monographs; and to promote inter-institutional, regional and international cooperation in urban studies and urban planning.dies and urban planning.

Upcoming Event

The Technology and Ethics of 'Collaborative Planning'
Prof. Patsy Healey
Professor emeritus in the School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape,
The University of Newcastle
6 March 2010